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Key Personnel
We recognize that the successful completion of your various projects will require an integrated team composed of individuals who interact effectively. This team includes all the pertinent personnel with prerequisite expertise to provide any client with the timely, quality testing and inspections services, as well as additional personnel which may be needed to support your development and construction efforts.
James Wilson
Geotechnical Manager
Registration: ICC, ACI I & II, NICET III
Area of Expertise: Civil Design, Inspector, Materials, Geotechnical
Experience: 25 years
Robert Kalinski, Phd., P.E.
Principal Engineer
Area of Expertise: Civil Design, Geotechnical, Hydrology, Materials Testing and Inspection
Thomas Garyson
Quality Control Manager / Senior Designer

Rudy Sanchez
Education: Bachelor Degree
Area of Expertise: Finance, Accounting
Experience: 25 years
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